Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dum Kham

Network: Ch7 
Date: 2009 Jan. 18
Casts: Pong Nawat;Tangmo Pattarathida

Though she has the upper hand and knows his true identity, his strong personality remains and refuses to believe what he is told.
At every turn, he contradicts her making her look bad in front of her workers.
He is ordered to just pick the corn, he pulls up the whole stalk.
During lunch, instead of eating food prepared for the workers, he steals her food.
He is loved by the female workers and uses it to his advantage.
When he should be sleeping, he has a alcoholic jam session with the other workers.
As punishment for getting drunk the previous night, he is ordered to manually plow acres of land. Instead of doing it himself, he uses his charm to recruit female workers to do it for him.
Though he suffering from amnesia, his conceited personality remains and he continues to insult her. At one point, he called her “Man’s best friend” and called Nom (Dum’s transgender friend) a “two-footed” animal , or in other words “Sashquash”.

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