Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mei Le Jia You

Name: Love Keeps Going 
Chinese Name: 美樂加油 / Mei Le Jia You
Genre: Romance
Episodes:  Not yet
Network: CTV
Start: 2011 June 05
Date on airing: Sundays 22:00 to 23:30 

Mike He
Cyndi Wang
Shi Yi Nan
Zhang Shan Wei
Albee Huang
Wang Yue
Linda Liu

          The story is about an egotistic guy meeting a girl who aimed to please. A casual comment from her boyfriend on wishing to open a bakery store of their own caused Mei Le to immediately abandon her lucrative job in fiance to pursuit a career in baking bread. But, her boyfriend still dumped her for someone else anyway. 
          When her breakup directly impacted to Han. As first that her cheating on her boyfriend was his brother. Second, he worked better after eating bread and couldn't function when she stopped baking it. So he decided to help her recover from the unfortunate event. Not out of guilt or kindness of his heart. He just want to go back to his routine: Eating bread and making music.   This story is will make everyone love, sad and many.

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