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The Legend Of Crazy Monk

Title : 活佛济公 / Huo Fo Ji Gong
English title: The Legend Of Crazy Monk
Also known as: Living Buddha Ji Gong
Episodes: 42
Year: 2010
Director: Lin Tian Yi (林添一)
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance & martial arts.
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin Version)
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese (Hardcoded)
Info. Link:

Benny Chan as Li Xiu Yuan / Ji Gong
Lam Chi Chung as Guang Liang
Gao Hao as Qin Ying Juan
Lin Jiang Guo as Zhao Bin
Xin Zi (馨子) as Bai Xue
Zhang Liang (张亮) as Chen Liang
Yang Xue as Bai Ling
Lou Ya Jiang (娄亚江) as Hei Feng
Chen Zi Han as Yan Zhi
Xue Peng (薛鹏) as Fu Hu
Yan Kuan as Sheng De
Wang Kui Rong
Zhang Liang
Lin Tian Yi

Ji Gong is a legendary character in Chinese folklore and a popular subject for movies and television shows. In the latest retelling of the fantastical legends of the Mad Monk, beloved Hong Kong actor Benny Chan (Journey to the West II) comes in with his portrayal of the most handsome Ji Gong to grace the TV screen yet. The CG-enhanced costume comedy drama series also gives Ji Gong a romantic interest before he becomes the Mad Monk, and rising Mainland starlet Chen Zihan (The Myth) plays the girl who has a love/hate relationship with our hero. Co-stars include Yang Xue (TVB's Blade Heart) and Lam Tze Chung (Stephen Chow's sidekick in Kung Fu Hustle).

Ji Gong is a crazy monk who eats meat and drinks beer, while still a fairy he was one of the main Eighteen Buddha Monk, after catching the Eagle that serves under the Buddha himself he was send to Earth to become a monk all because of the 2 fairies that was guarding the Eagle. The 2 fairies accidentally let the Eagle free and in punishment all 3 fairies was send to Earth to be human monks. There was also another fairy that was killed by the Eagle and he was also send down to be a regular human, but not a monk.

Being good is no fun, so the immortal Big Bird escapes from the heavenly confinement and goes on to wreak havoc in the mortal world. The Buddha orders the Dragon-subduing Master to go after it by reincarnating as a human being named Li. Time goes by, and on the day Li is to get married, he suddenly remembers his destined mission and leaves everything behind to become a monk known as Daoji at the Temple. Jilted at the altar, the bride Yanzhi can't bear the heartbreak and shame, so she jumps off the cliff, only to be saved by the evil Big Bird. Consumed by her grudge towards her almost-husband, Yanzhi gradually turns to the dark side, practicing black magic in order to come back and seek vengeance on the Mad Monk

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