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A Legend Of Shaolin Kung Fu 3

Title : 少林寺传奇3—大漠英雄
English title: A Legend Of Shaolin Kung Fu 3
Also known as: A Legend Of Shaolin Kung Fu 3: Heroes Of The Great Desert
Episodes: 60
Year: 2011
Director: Du Xiao
Martial Art Director : Ching Siu Tung
Genre: History, Action & Kung Fu (Martial Arts)
Runtime: Approximately above 40mins. to 42mins. for each episode
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin Version)
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese (Hardcoded)
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A Legend Of Shaolin Kung Fu 3's Opening Theme Song Video Trailer :
A Legend Of Shaolin Kung Fu 3's Closing Theme Song Video Trailer :

Sammo Hung
Pao Guo An
Yuen Wah
Gordon Liu
Cao Jun
Xie Miao
Ji Chun Hua
Li Yuan
Sun Hui Ning  

The first two series of the Shaolin-themed TV drama trilogy earned phenomenal ratings locally and overseas, which attracted Japan's Fuji TV to co-finance the last series. The anticipated Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu 3 brings a close to director Du Xiao's ambitious five-year production that cost over RMB100 million for a total episode count of 157. As the guiding principle of the entire project, the historical action drama boasts authentic Shaolin kung fu, with spectacular fight scenes choreographed by Ching Siu Tung's stuntmen team. But Part 3 stands out with its gripping new story and a cast featuring young kung fu actors, including national martial arts champion Li Yuan (who used to be a stand-in for Jet Li and Donnie Yen) and former child star Xie Miao (My Father is a Hero). Like the previous two series, the final third of the trilogy is also boosted by the participation of big-name actors, in this outing there are kung fu veterans Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, Gordon Liu, and Mainland thespian Bao Guoan (Romance of the Three Kingdoms).
Set in Qing-dynasty China, Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu 3 begins with the Kangxi Emperor meeting with the Shaolin abbot (Bao Guoan), who then dispatches seven disciples to go on a dangerous mission: they are to escort three imperial envoys and a mysterious box to the Western Frontier. On their treacherous journey across the vast deserts in northwestern China, the Shaolin warrior monks are met with a host of killers targeting the box, including the henchmen of the crown prince and the forces of anti-Qing rebels led by Wan Shou Shan (Sammo Hung)...
As the ultimate villain in Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 3: Heroes of the Great Desert, Sammo Hung is playing general Wan Shou Shan from the fallen Ming Dynasty who spends his entire life going against the Manchu empire. Sun Hui Ning describes that while their collaboration was rather short, everyone was able to feel the prowess of Sammo Hung, imparting such domineering presence worthy of a general of Xilu Society, he is indeed an actor with real strength.
Wan Shou Shan is extremely cunning, scheming, devious and ruthless, and would stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even at the expense of the lives of his children. He wields great military powers, and is responsible for the death of the Ming prince, thus becoming the only remnant Ming loyalist in power to reclaim the throne.
Time and again, he sends assassins after the present ruler Emperor Kangxi. Emperor Kangxi, who wishes for peace and prosperity of the nation, doesn't wish to take up arms, and intends to grant amnesty and recruit him instead, but Wan Shou Shan would rather perish than yield to the court, and the uprising continues

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